Rage - Tips & Tricks



Rage is a first-person post-apocalyptic shooter set in the year 2135. Use this fantastic app to master all the secrets of the wasteland, gain all the achievements/trophies and master the racing modes.

There are 14 videos included with the app, with the rest available to add as and when you wish to progress.

Here's a sneak peak of whats included:

Wolfenstein 3d Easter Egg
Doom Easter Egg
Quake Easter Egg
Introduction Quell The Bandit Threat
Medical Supplies
Radio Tower Repair And Where's Juno
The Missing Parts Dune Buggy!!!
The Missing Parts Dune Buggy
Destroy The Barricade
Enter Wellspring
Dune Buggy Racing !!!!
Force Fields And Crossbows
Missing Person - Ghost Hideout
Need 4 Speed - Stanley Express
Mutant Menace And Stolen Merchandise
Mutant Bash Tv - King Of The Ring
Re-Run King Of The Ring Pt Deux
Race For The Cuprino
Bad Driving And Refined Feltrite
You Call That A Knife?
Moar Racing
Doctor Kvasir Violates Me
Destroy The Rc Cars
First Defibrillator Use!
Pimp My Ride!!
Rc Prototype Hunt
Enter Dead City Scarry

And much more!

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