[What is "RAPet"]
The application "RAPet" is AR application.
It displays the synthesized video made from reality video and capture to take a picture , for example,"the picture child drew","dolls".

Not only display the synthesized reality video, but communicate with the "RAPet" such as perched on the head or the palm, or tracking the specified color.

You can play with four steps easily.

STEP1.Let's capture the "RAPet"!
1.Prepare pictures that you want to capture.
For example,"the picture child drew","dolls".
2.Start the Application, and capture the "RAPet".
3.Register the name and other information.

STEP2.Let's edit the homing color!
1.Select the "RAPet" you want to edit.
2.Set the homing color.

STEP3.Let's edit the animation motion!
1.Select the "RAPet" you want to edit.
2.Set parts you want to move.

STEP4.Let's play with the RAPet!
1.Select the "RAPet" you want to move.
2.Decide where to display the "RAPet".
3.After the "RAPet" is displayed, Let's play putting on the palm or lifting.

over AndroidOS 2.2

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