Real Whistle - Blow it!



Blow into the microphone and whistle! No tap or touch required! An exciting real whistle for your service!

- Exit problem solved! -

You can change the volume and the pitch so it's more than one whistle! In this blow app you don't have to tap or touch the screen for the whistle sound, it is just the microphone that you need. And of course: your whistle! So blow, blow and blow! Blow em up! A new and funny blow game with high quality whistle sounds!

This blow whistle app can be used as a dog whistle (dog whistler) or an SOS app (SOS signal).

Please note that if you blow on screen that your according to your microphone sensitivity, you may not get the appropiate sound! So find your microphone (usually at the lower part of your phone) and blow into that! Are your ready to blow things up (or blow up)?

Blow my whistle? Blow your whistle! From now you will have an own whistle that you can use anywhere and anytime!
Various phones may create various maximum whistle noise.

In the future there will be new whistles added so you will able to blow horn or a flute!


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