Relay for reddit (Pro)

Relay for reddit (Pro)


(5 stars)



50,000 - 100,000 downloads

  • Easy navigation between content and comments
  • Parent comment stays visible
  • High quality material design
  • Sharing link/comment options buried in menus
  • Hasn't been updated in many months
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Expert's Review

"You're gonna have a good time"

Reviewed by / Dec 02, 2014

Excellent reddit client with a focus on conversation and great material design


Reddit News is one of the best reddit clients out there. It preserves the community feel of the web version, making it easy to get lost for countless hours within your preferred weirdo subreddits (r/youtubehaiku is my own personal kryptonite).


It's super simple to flip between content and comments in Reddit News, highlighting the hivemind of the community. The parent comment stays visible, meaning you have more of a context for the conversation. Plus, the material design UI is top-notch; it's comfortable and fast to navigate.


The sharing link and options for replying with your own comments are buried a bit within the UI. It also hasn't been updated in well over six months.

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Developer's original description available here
Reddit News has been renamed 'Relay for reddit' due to a change in reddit's licensing policy regarding access to their api.

Relay for reddit is a popular, full-featured app for browsing the website the front page of the internet. Whether you're a casual 'lurker', power user, or even a subreddit moderator, Relay makes redditing easy.

Now beautifully enhanced with Google's new Material Design language, Relay features excellent readability and effortless navigation.

Just some of the Highlights:

• Beautifiul and intuitive interface, inspired by Google's new Material Design language.
• Delightful animations throughout enhance the experience.
• Stories and comments load at the same time. A simple swipe switches between them.
• Inline previewing of pictures, YouTube videos, gifs and imgur's new gifv format.
• Advanced comment navigation features. Skip between comment threads, search for words, highlight new comments and more!
• Optimized layout for phones and tablets.
• Handy tooltips guide you through the app.
• Comprehensive Moderator features including distinguish, stickying posts and banning users.
• Multiple colour themes including sleek black, fresh blue, pretty pink, and relaxing night mode.
• Multiple accounts with full user profile support.
• Reply straight from your full-featured Inbox.
• Notifications for mail, moderator messages and even your modqueue.
• Filter subreddits from your frontpage and r/all
• Spoiler support for all the major subreddits.
• Extensive customisation options including font style and size, left-handed viewing and much more.
• Color coded comment threads.
• Hi-resolution thumbnails.
• Add Friends funtionality - their comments are highlighted.
• Submit links and original content.
• Search reddit or individual subreddits.
• Subscribe to subreddits or let Relay choose one randomly.
• Rageface and MLP emoticons (MLP support via PonyMotes app)

Head over to the Reddit News subreddit to ask questions or request features directly to the developer - me...

Relay for reddit is an unofficial app. Reddit and the Reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered trademarks owned by Reddit Inc.


Relay for reddit (Pro) Videos

Recently changed in this version

- fix hardware menu key functionality
- trial fix for crash when loading more comments

- fixed logging in multiple accounts

- New name! Relay for reddit
- Material design touches on devices running lollipop: tinted status bar, ripples, dialogs etc
- Added OLED night more to quick change theme list
- Fixed a memory leak in image viewer that could cause images to stop loading.
- Added image previews for more websites
- New loading animation from the bottom like Newstand

Changelog and permissions

  • - Know what access (wifi, 3G…) you have at every moment.
  • - Send and receive internet info.
  • - android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • - Write whatever to your SD card.

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  • Updated
    New version 7.55 released on 04/13/15.
  • Changes
    Name changed from Reddit News Pro to Relay for reddit (Pro) on 04/13/15.
  • New price
    Price increased from $A1.99 to $A2.99 on 02/01/15.
  • + downloads
    Becomes more popular. 50000 downloads level reached on 02/01/15.
  • Updated
    New version 7.25 released on 01/03/15.
  • Changes
    Name changed from Reddit News to Reddit News Pro on 12/02/14.
  • Updated
    New version 7.23 released on 12/02/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.82 released on 02/13/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.81 released on 02/12/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.8 released on 02/12/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.74 released on 01/17/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.72 released on 01/16/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.70 released on 01/09/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.67 released on 01/04/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.66 released on 01/04/14.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.64 released on 12/26/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.60 released on 12/23/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.49 released on 12/09/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.48 released on 12/05/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.42 released on 12/04/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.32 released on 11/23/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.28 released on 11/10/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.25 released on 10/06/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.24 released on 10/01/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.23 released on 09/30/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.22 released on 09/25/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.9.2 released on 09/24/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.91 released on 09/21/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.90 released on 09/12/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.89 released on 07/19/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.88 released on 07/18/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.84 released on 06/26/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.82 released on 06/24/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.80 released on 06/20/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.79 released on 06/18/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.75 released on 06/01/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.68 released on 05/24/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.67 released on 05/21/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.66 released on 05/20/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.62 released on 04/26/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.50 released on 03/16/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.46 released on 03/03/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.42 released on 02/15/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.35 released on 02/04/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.27 released on 01/31/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.25 released on 01/29/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.11 released on 01/26/13.
  • Updated
    New version 6.01 released on 01/25/13.
  • Updated
    New version 5.52 released on 10/28/12.
  • Updated
    New version 5.50 released on 10/28/12.

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Comments and ratings for Relay for reddit (Pro)
  • (0)

    by Sam Johnston on 13/04/2015

    Good app but sometimes struggles loading gifs

  • (0)

    by Chris Garcia on 13/04/2015

    The gestures... capabilities... smooth animations... it just blows everything else out the the water. The dev is a bit slower than the Sync dev, but he still gets things done pretty fast.

  • (0)

    by Michael Rogers on 13/04/2015

    Makes the chaos of the Internet Frontpage easy to digest

  • (0)

    by Kyle Long on 13/04/2015

    After having the app open for a little while, it will just stop loading post content or comments (has happened on S5 and droid turbo). Opening link up in a browser will load right up. I have to completely close the app and reopen it to get it to work again. I'm sad I actually paid money for this.

  • (0)

    by Ian Rentschler on 13/04/2015

    Beautiful material designed app, sleek, reliable, easy to use. Hands down the best reddit app out there. Dev is wonderful and updates frequently and has an ear on the community. Only complaint is not being able to change the colors of the slash screen, and not being able to set the color of the app (limited to blue, pink, and dark, atm)

  • (0)

    by Ryan Doerner on 12/04/2015

    New material ui is fantastic. This is a huge upgrade. Easily the best reddit app on android. Thanks!

  • (0)

    by Nick Qualkenbush on 12/04/2015

    Animations are gorgeous