Rifle Pistol Info



Rifle Pistol Info can tell you all information about guns. No matter the rifles or pistols and even the flame throwers information are offered here!!! Over 25 gun types offered in the free app and every model has a corresponding icon to show its appearance!
What information and knowledge it will tell you?
*Type service pistol/rifle or not and which country it belongs to!
*Its service history: Used by which army and which war...
*Production history: Its designer, manufacture, Variants Brixia Model and so on.
*Its specifications---weight, length, barrel length, action, feed system and so on.

1.Tell you the information according to their types.
2.It classified the gun into for types. That are the pistol, assault rifle, battle rifle and flame thrower!
3.Ever type has six models and ever model has a suit icon picture to show its appearance.
4.Press the gun model, you can enter the information page.
5.If the text of information is too long, you can slide the screen to watch the following information.
6.With Setting button, you can unlock the screen. That is to say, no matter how long you do not touch the screen, it will not become black or locked!
7.You can download other apps like video player, girl picture, MP3 player and other games with "about" button.
8.If you have any questions or great suggestions about this app, you can press Supply button to tell me. It can take you to Google play page. In the page, you can install again or make comment and sending gmail are also supported!

In daily life, we can not use handguns or other guns freely. Because there are many social and legal limitations. But it not means known noting about guns is a good thing!!! You must know some knowledge about guns. Because in some special condition, it is useful for all of you. When you choosing a gun type in gun store or other place, you can find a suit one as soon as possible for you have know which weight and length suit you and which one has the power you needed! Know more about pistols are also useful in playing games! As we all know, there are many games related to guns and flame thrower, if you know more than other, you can get higher score!
To know more about rifles now! Download and enjoy it. It will not let you down!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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