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    1 of 4 winner apps in Roskilde Labs' competition!
    The application is designed to help exploring the artists playing at Roskilde Festival.
    The user can browse through and read about all the artists playing at this year's festival, and can select favourite artists and have artists shown by the day they are playing.

    The application can help recommend artists playing this year in various ways:
    - By Starred artists, meaning that artists similar to the "starred" artists will suggested.
    - By music on the device, meaning that the application will scan the phone's media library and find similar artists based on the found artists.
    - Through a account, meaning that based on the content of the account, similar artists playing at this year's Roskilde Festival will be shown.
    - Lastly, it is possible to search for almost any artist and get recommended artists, which are similar to that artist.

    This application has been developed in collaboration with DTU, for Roskilde Festival by:
    Erik Beuschau, Michael Lunøe and Rasmus Theodorsen

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