Sam Kinison Soundboard



This is a soundboard of Sam Kinison. It is not complete comedy routines, just partials from them that you can save as a ringtone.

There is a set as ringtone option button. The first time that you set as ringtone, it will create the folder for you so you might have to set it as a ringtone twice the first time. If it does not set the sound as a ringtone, you may have to go into your phones ringtones and set it manually.

This soundboard uses .wav files. If your phone is not compatible with .wav files, it will not work. Please consult your phone's user manual or contact them to ask if your phone will play .wav files.

These are the soundclips in the Sam Kinison soundboard:

Asshole - Now you're a fucking asshole!
Brains - I blow my fucking brains out!
Dick - Now you're a dick!
Dickhead - You fucking dickhead
Drink - I remember a time in this country where you had a drink, you went home. It wasn't a fucking felony!
Drruth - I'd do a lot better job than that fucking bitch Dr. Ruth
Drunk - I'm not drunk enough yet!
Married - Cause I was married for two fucking years!
Ohgod - Oh god it feels like a man's dick in my ass, oh god!
Puppet - I'm gonna be your sex puppet. I'm going to be your fucking dick!
Rockandroll - These fucking rock and roll pussies!
Rubber - You put a rubber on, your dick looks like a criminal
Slut - You fucking slut, fuck you!
Woman - Do you know this woman doesn't even have a pussy? Did you know that?

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