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Featuring the Sengoku period when samurais are the coolest!

In Japanese history, samurais had been ruled the country for a long time.
Originally they were just the warriors who fought with a sword and a spear.
However they began to hold political power using thier force of arms.
Since then not only samurais with muscular strength but also samurais with the abilities of strategy and policy making were begun to play active role.
The Sengoku period is when many samurais were flourished.
A regional lord called "Daimyo" scattered throughout Japan and each of them conflicted against was a war-torn world.

About the contents

-This app features the lives of thirty-six samurais who played important roles during the Sengoku period.
-You can see the images of samurais with bronze statues which stand throughout Japan.
-The designs of each family crest are introduced with explanations.
-The pictures of the "Umajirushi"(commander's battle standard) and the "Kao"(written seal marks) are from the books written in the Edo period, owned by National Diet Library.
-The chlonological table of battles is listed in the appendix.

All descriptions are written in both English and Japanese for language learners.

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This app is a spin-off project of FB "Samurai Style".
It includes the pictures of bronze statues, castles, "Nishiki-e"(multi-colored woodblock print), Japanese pattern works, traditional foods, weapones and so on. We update the story everyday.

For some stories, we introduce other websites for more information.

Samurais introduced in this app:
Hojo Soun
Rokkaku Sadayori
Imagawa Yoshimoto
Takeda Shingen
Shibata Katsuie
Uesugi Kenshin
Otomo Sorin
Oda Nobunaga
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Maeda Toshiie
Chosokabe Motochika
Kiso Yoshimasa
Ota Ujisuke
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Takenaka Shigeharu
Azai Nagamasa
Yamauchi Kazutoyo
Takeda Katsuyori
Tanaka Yoshimasa
Honda Tadakatsu
Takayama Ukon
Gamo Ujisato
Todo Takatora
Hachisuka Iemasa
Ishida Mitsunari
Naoe Kanetsugu
Ii Naomasa
Kato Kiyomasa
Hosokawa Tadaoki
Date Masamune
Toyotomi Hidetsugu
Sanada Yukimura
Doi Toshikatsu
Yuki Hideyasu
Toda Ujikane
Miyamoto Musashi

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