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According to one theory, the name "Hanuman" derives from the proto-dravidian word for male monkey (ana-mandi), which was later Sanskritized to "Hanuman". Linguistic variations of "Hanuman" include Hanumat, Anuman (Tamil), Anoman (Indonesian), Andoman (Malay)and Hunlaman (Lao). Other names of Hanuman include:
▪ Hanuman Chalisa is a very powerful devotional work that has been left to posterity by Goswami Tulsidas whose devotional work - Tulsi Ramayan has revolutionized
▪ Bhakti movement by enabling common man to recite the glorious legend of Shri Rama in his native tongue. Hanuman Chalisa has been found to be highly effective in
▪ controlling the evil effects of Saturn transit or Saturn's major/ minor periods. 

In this hanuman application you can play hanuman chalisa in mp3 by press

the mp3 button as well as you can play video by press the video button.

you can watch images of hanuman by press the wallpaper button,and here you can

watch the images in a sequence,as well as you can set the image as a wallpaper,by

press the menu is an another button by which you can read the hanuman

chalisa and hanuman aarti.

Much more shall follow !……………………enjoy it

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