Scary Camera Prank




    Scare, shock and prank your friends and family with the scary app.

    Hit the Camera icon, give the device to the target telling them to take a picture of you. Seconds after a moving scary ghost will appear in the camera for a few seconds and disappear. Your target will be spooked!

    Note: By clicking on the title 'Scary Camera Prank' the title will change to 'Super Camera HD' just to make it look real.

    * Choose from different scary ghosts.
    * Select the time you want the ghost to appear.
    * Select which side you want the ghost to appear left or right.

    To go back to the menu, Must click on the rectangle on the bottom right hand corner while in camera mode.

    Basic setup
    1) Goto Settings (Mechanical icon).
    2) Choose your scary ghost.
    3) Pick the time you want the ghost to appear.
    4) Can change the transparency of ghost in opacity.
    5) Go back.
    6) Hit Camera Icon, hand over the device.
    7) Let the fun begin.

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