Scary Prank ++



Scare your friends, watch them jump and scream in horror;P .You're the director!Make your choice now!

"Scary Prank++" makes itself a normal app(contains several FREE Scary Pranks :
$Scary Mirror
$Scary Illusion
$Scary Contact
$Scary Game
$Scary phone
$Scary Photo+
$Scary Web
More pranks coming soon!

waiting for you to explore) . Run the app, give it to someone you'd like to scare and tell them it's an awesome game. While the "victim" is playing, a scary ghost suddenly and unexpectedly jump out, together with a loud and scary scream.


$Turn volume up and run the game before give it to your friends.

This application is too scary for some people.Your friends might have heart attack. Please consult a doctor before you play. Authors of this application do not take responsibility of any result of using this application.

We have tested this app on 10 people and we've lots of fun! Some tried to kick us afterward - but that was absolutely worth it!

Any questions,pls mail to
Scary Prank++ don't let you do "stupid" things...alone.

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