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    About Scott Pilgrim

    Scott Pilgrim (Age: 23) is one of three children (younger sister, Stacey and younger brother, Lawrence, who has only been referenced off-panel and was seen on volume 5). He moved to Northern Ontario in high school, where he met Lisa Miller and Kim Pine, who was assigned as his history project partner. During a conflict in which boys from a rival school came and beat up the entire student body and took Kim hostage, Scott fought through the "bosses," ultimately defeating their leader, Simon, and rescuing Kim. The two began to date soon after, Scott asking Kim to play drums in his and Lisa's garage band, "Sonic & Knucles."Eventually, Scott moved away with his family to Toronto and began college at the University of Toronto. There he met Wallace Wells, Stephen Stills, who was dating Julie Powers, roommate to Natalie V. Adams. Natalie, Stephen, and Scott began a band, "Kid Chameleon." However, Natalie began to change, exchanging her anime and figurines for "good music" and taking greater charge of the band. The band grew to be considerably large and popular, to Scott's protest, who wanted to play for playings sake rather than to get a recording contract. Eventually, Natalie, now calling herself "Envy" (N.V.) dumped him and kick him out of the band. The breakup devastated Scott.

    Scott, now 23, eventually moves in with Wallace (title: Cool gay roommate) in a one-room basement apartment. Maintaining friendships with Kim Pine, whom he ran into living in downtown Toronto, and Stephen Stills, he plays bass in their new band, "Sex Bob-Omb."

    Still carrying baggage from is breakup with Envy, Scott begins a relationship with Chinese high school student, Knives Chau (Age: 17) because the relationship is simple, but found himself intrigued by a mysterious "ninja delivery girl" who would often appear in his dreams and who was another friend of Julie's. Scott eventually learned that she was Ramona Flowers, an American from New York who's working as a delivery girl in Toronto who uses "sub-space highways" that go through the subconscious to travel to her various locations. He and Ramona went on a date, cementing their romantic interest in one another. However, Ramona carries baggage from her previous relationships, in the form of "Seven Evil Exes." While playing a concert at a local music venue, Scott is confronted by Matthew Patel, Ramona's first evil ex, who was sent by the mysterious and unrevealed " Gideon." He states that in order to date Ramona, Scott must defeat each of her seven evil exes. Matthew summons the power of his demon hipster chicks, but is defeated by Scott, leaving behind some GP.

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