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★ 100 million downloads of the myths ! Screen filters (Screen Filter) in support of ! ★
☆ Do Not Disturb personal information security and privacy, privacy, mobile phone applications that make it darker than the minimum brightness ★

* This experience Are You ?
 - Awakened at dawn scooping snow stutter stutter smartphone Kin ... Whoops ! ! Tears come so horribly smashing the snow ㅠ ㅠ ( blurred vision )
 - At night, alone in the dark without anyone knowing which data you want to see ( would bring ) to very bright light around mumbling ...

As those for smart phones at night so you do not hurt Like snow on a bright screen ?
In the default setting to adjust the brightness of the light is too bright even if you do not want to fatigue your eyes Like ?

Now screen filter app (Screen Filter) use !
The phone does not offer any brightness to the brightness can be adjusted.

Dark night, lying in bed playing with the distance one are many mobile phone are you?
But ! If you see too bright screen in a dark place for eye health is not good .
If you apply a filter screen phone that provides more in-depth in the minimum screen brightness can adjust the brightness of the screen will be .

Cellphone use the minimum brightness in a dark place is bright enough to see if burdensome to use this App now
Read the text , especially at night when the twelve eye protection that leverages Let doeni Screen Filter ! !

Screen filters in addition to the features you need , please let us know if you have !

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