"They're Not Just Songs... They're Movies watched by ear!"

    SetiTheWriter is a young up and coming Songwriter . His music lyrics and melody speak for themselves. He is also known for his talent for writing
    Slogans, Poems, Positive Thoughts, Short Stories, and Scripts.

    SetiTheWriter, was born Boyd Coleman-Ransom in Sacramento California into the world of entertainment. His mother, was a model Who later went on to work for John Robert Powers (JRP) for 26 years. Being a JRP baby afforded him the opportunity to travel and soak up creativity in places like LA, Las Vegas, New York & Atlanta, to name a few. As a young boy SetiTheWriter would spend several hours sitting in acting classes reading monologues and short commercials. This shy young boy would later turn down friend of the family Wisley Snipes's offer to play his son on the big screen in the feature film "The Fan". Years later he would sign a D1A football scholarship to the University of Minnesota out of high school. Athletics occupied a large part of his life, but his true love was with music. Eleven years in, he's still tuning his natural musical skills and knows he has a lot to learn. He plays the piano and produces, but at the moment chooses to focus on writing "creative lyrics" for all genres...