shake APP.RUN



Shake the device to run the specified application

For the running the application,
Install applications and select one of the items below and click the "SETTING" button

Select the item description.
1. "Silent" : shake to silent mode entry
For example, an unexpected meeting conference, when the phone rings in place,
-> Just shake for the silent without calling's rings
2. "Camera" : shake to run the default camera
I want to take a split second to capture the image in a photo to run right at the camera with just shaking the device.
3. "Select App." : Select the application, you want to run Shake.
You can see the lots of the Application in your device, and just select one of the Application.

Features of this application.
1. Shake can select the application you want to run.
2. If the application is running -> Even if the device is rebooted automatically run the app.
3. Sensitivity can be adjusted freely.

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