Shaolin Kung Fu Training




    Have you ever heard of Shaolin Temple? It is a symbol building of Buddhism but most famous of their special combat martial arts! Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most important part in China and they often stand of just in all Kung Fu movies and art works! Now we can help you practice shaolin KungFu with your mobile phone. Shaolin Kung Fu Training is a free application which can offer you almost all popular KungFu style and help you practice them by yourself. If you use this free app to practice yourself, you will become a kungfu master in some degree. You can also know more about China traditional cultures!
    There are so many Kung Fu style in this free application and you can not know them all. Then you can press instruction button to know them better. It will tell you its advantages and disadvantages and also developing history. So after playing, you can know china better.
    There is a sound system in this app too. When you play the game, you can hear the sound of fighting. Different weapon has different sounds and all sound will make the game more realistic and exciting!

    Let's get its features one by one, and you will find a great surprise!
    - Best stress-relief game. After playing Kung Fu, you will feel more relaxed.
    - Three different categories of Chinese Kung Fu
    - Simulator of all kinds of weapons and human body parts.
    - Off you a tutorial!
    - Support related instruction, training, score (it can record the score automatically!)
    - Function buttons help you back/home or suppl;y me or sending me email.
    - Including almost all popular Kung Fu style in the word.

    Ways to play this game:
    1.You should hone your mobile as a weapon, try your best to wave it at any directions to make it get a maximum acceleration. (Attention do not throw your mobile out!)
    2.After step 1, press the volume button on your mobile as soon as possible, you can hear the sound of the fighting.
    3.The quicker the acceleration is, the higher score you will get. The stable you hole the mobile, the more score you will get too.

    Noways Gangnam Style is popular in YouTube and many people would like to practice the Kuda Kepang dancing style. But Shaolin Kung Fu has many styles that more powerful than it. You can not only use it to vent bad mood, but also study how protect yourselves! This free app really can play an important role in your life. Hope you like it! And if you have any questions, please press SUPPLY button and you can send me email.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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