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This app provides a countdown to the long awaited launch of Season 3 of the popular Sherlock BBC TV series. You have the option of 5 different TV schedules to use for the countdown (USA, UK, Poland, Denmark & Sweden). I will add in further options once the details are known for more countries.

The app also provides a Sherlock BBC Quiz challenge - from a pool of 390+ questions, how many consecutive questions can you answer correctly? It's your chance to show how knowledgeable you really are about the series. **The quiz now includes 114 questions from Series 3**

The quiz now comes in two different modes:

1) the Sherlock Challenge, which is a 'Sudden Death' type quiz
2) a Classic mode, where incorrect answers do NOT reset the quiz to question 1

The classic mode allows you to choose how many questions you want in your quiz, and also clearly indicates what the correct answer is when you get a question wrong. It's perfect training if you find the Sherlock Challenge mode too difficult :)

There will be several more features added to the app over the coming weeks, specifically a guide to the episodes and characters of this fantastic TV series.

Note: a comprehensive episode guide has been added to the app, featuring all the episodes from the first two series, as well as a guide to the main characters of the show.

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