Tired of being ambushed by people with sword apps? Protect yo' self fool! Now you have the power to block all incoming attacks with the Shield app!

*NOTE* Shield can also be used to ward off other random attacks and/or annoyances, but Schizapps does not guarantee results. Shield has only been tested against sword apps.

Using Shield: Press the menu button on your device, and select your preferred shield and/or background. When you quickly move the device to block an attack with your cat-like reflexes, Shield will make blocking sounds to notify your attacker that they have been totally blocked. If your attacker does not understand what has just happened, you may want to shake your shield many times to make it more obvious and for extra blocking power.

Included in version 1.00:
- 4 Shields
- 5 Backgrounds
- 1 Blocking sound
- Lots of awesomeness

*More shields are on the way!
**Have a shield suggestion? Submit it!

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