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    Have you imagined that you grasp a gun and shoot at different places? Maybe you think that it is a dream but you can realize your dream now. Shooting Gallery is the helper who can help you become your dream into truth. It is a simulator which can simulate many different kinds of guns.

    It becomes your mobile phone as a real gun. You can try to shoot with many guns. I think I had better introduce it in a detailed way.

    1. If you are the first time to use this app, you will be taught how to set your mobile phone as a real gun when you open it. You need to use your volume button so that you should learn seriously how to set.

    2. After you have finished your setting of your mobile phone, you will see another page on which you can choose the training mode and other items.

    3. There are three training modes: training 1, training 2 and training 3. The three modes buttons are in the top of the page. The training 1 is mainly training you to learn using different kinds of guns and shooting still target. The training 2 is training you at different places such as car to shoot targets and the targets may moves or you move. The training 3 is training you to learn to use cold weapon such as hands, sword, whip, hidden weapons and so on.

    4. There are also events and campaign which are designed for VIP. If you want to join events such as an Olympic shooting or take part in a war, you need to become a VIP.

    5. If you feel this app is good, you can share it with your friends and family and please give me 5 starts. If you find any one problem, please inform me.

    Shooting Gallery is a good shooting game which is used on the mobile phone. It can become your mobile phone as a real gun.

    It is a phone gun app so that you have the chance to try many different kinds of guns. You can imagine that you are grasp a gun and shooting just like you are in the CS scene.

    Don’t forget to open the media volume then you can hear the scores after you shooting. You can hear the different sounds of different guns.

    I hope this app can help you to have the feeling of grasping a gun and you will love it.

    In modern definition, the gun is a projectile weapon which has a hollow, tubular barrel with a closed end — the breech — as the means of directing the projectile (as well as other purposes, for example stabilizing the projectile's trajectory, aiming, as an expansion chamber for propellant and so on), and firing in a generally flat trajectory.

    Most guns are described according to the type of barrel used, the ways of firing, the purpose of the weapon, the caliber, or the generally accepted name for a particular variation.

    Gun has many types such as long gun, rifle, machine gun, handgun, auto cannon, artillery gun, tank gun, hunting gun, guns for training and entertainment.

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