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    Hey, ask you a question: do you want to have a gun and enjoy a shooting train?
    You may smile with a disdained face and say: are you joking, do you think it is so easy to get a gun, whatever I do not believer that I could own a gun. It seems that it is just a day dream. Have you ever encountered that a daydream has ever come true?
    Calm down please, my dear friend. As the saying goes, all is impossible. Believe yourself and all you think impossible can be possible one day by some ways. Such as for the dream of owning a gun, it can also be the real thing if you like. Here it can just be realized by our app Gun Games, which is an app with the principle that simulate the action of a gun to give you the real experience of the so many guns. May be you are no loner a child, but you also accomplish your dream at that time.
    To move your finger, and to make your phone a gun in a flash.

    The Key Features:
    1. There are many types guns available for you to select from. For example, there are hand guns, Shot Guns, Sub machine Guns and many others which you can see more details by getting this app. There may be a question raised by you: how can I get a knowledge of the so many types of guns? There is no fear. When we design this app, we have taken it into consideration. For each of the guns, you can find more information about it by the websites recommended to you, such as Google Bing and so on.
    2. To improve the reality of the user experience, we set several situation for you to shoot with, such as boat, Helicopter and so on.
    3. More weapons is added for the users. For example, it is added Sword, slap, punch and other weapon, which is much more interesting and will never let you down.
    4. Set your preference by "Setting". Choose Volume Button position, right or left, you have the say and set it according to your habit.

    How to operate this app?
    There are some instructions for you to play this Shooting Sport.
    1. Use the Volume key, up is to start and down to fire.
    2. The menu button is for you to reload the GUN GAMES.
    3. How to fire? For 1.Stay your hand stable and make sure that do not move your body. 2. ask you to move and Aim as soon as possible. If you no move, target can not be broken. Target is moving all the time and the time is limited.
    What do think of it? Want to have a try? What are you waiting for? Quick to get it! Here you can experience a wonderful shooting with many kinds of guns in set of many backgrounds. There are more interesting functions waiting for you!
    Have questions? Send me an email!

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