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Sky Watch - Watch your Sky!

Sky Watch - Watch your Sky!

100 - 500 downloads

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Astronomical and Astrological Calculator App including various Time and Calendar System computations. Real-Time calculation and numeric position display of celestial bodies like Sun, Moon, Planets and some visible Stars, Galaxies and Constellations.

The Application offers the following main features:
- Time display using different time keeping systems (Greenwich Mean Time, Legal Local Time, Real Local Time, Roman Temporal Time, Equation of Time, Day after Northward Equinox, Sidereal time, Julian Date and Unix Time).
- Date display using different calendar systems (Gregorian, Buddhist, Coptic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, Islamic, Julian and Maya).
- Orbital position display of solar system bodies using different celestial coordinate systems (horizontal, equatorial, ecliptic and heliocentric).
- Horizontal and equatorial position display of important astronomical objects (Stars, Galaxies and Constellations).
- Horoscopic Astrology information display (Zodiac Sign, Ascendant/Descendant and Placidus House System).

Includes informative screens with explanations regarding related topics.
Accurate results from 1850 A.D. – 2150 A.D. (error below 10 Arcsec in accurate calculation mode).

Attention: Pure numeric display – no graphics, no animations, no frills!

Keywords EN
Clock, Watch, Calendar
Numeric Ephemeris Calculator
Planet Position Calculator
Astronomical Almanac
Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
Astronomer, Astrologer
Thai Buddhist Calendar
Coptic Alexandrian Calendar
Jewish Hebrew Calendar
Islamic Hijri Calendar
Julian Roman Calendar
Maya Mesoamerican Calendar, Tzolk'in, Haab'
Rise Transit Set Times
Zodiac Signs
Placidus House System
Ascendant, Descendant
Civil, Nautical, Astronomic Twilight

Keywords DE
Uhr, Kalender
Numerischer Ephemeriden Rechner
Planeten Positionen Rechner
Astronomischer Almanach
Mond, Sonne, Merkur, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluto
Astronom, Astrologe
Buddhistischer Kalender
Koptischer Kalender
Jüdischer Hebräischer Kalender
Islamischer Kalender
Julianischer Römischer Kalender
Maya mesoamerikanischer Kalender
Aufgang Transit und Untergang Zeiten
Placidus Häuser System
Aszendent, Deszendent
Zivile, Nautische, Astronomische Dämmerung

Keywords IT
Orologio, Calendario
Calcolatore Numerico Effemeridi
Calcolatore Posizioni Pianeti
Almanacco Astronomico
Luna, Sole, Mercurio, Venere, Marte, Giove, Saturno, Urano, Nettuno, Plutone
Astronomo, Astrologo
Calendario Thai Buddistico
Copto Alessandrino Calendario
Calendario Ebraico Israeliano
Calendario Islamico Hijri
Calendario Giuliano Romano
Calendario Maia Mesoamericano, Tzolk'in, Haab'
Tempo Alba Transito Tramonto
Segni Zodiacali
Sistema Case Placidus
Ascendente, Discendente
Civile, Nautico, Astronomico Crepuscolo

Keywords ES
Reloj, Calendario
Calculadora Efemérides numérica
Calculadora Posición de Planetas
Almanaque Astronómico
Luna, Sol, Mercurio, Venus, Marte, Júpiter, Saturno, Urano, Neptuno, Plutón
Astrónomo, Astrólogo
Calendario budista tailandés
Calendario Copta de Alejandría
Calendario Judía Hebreo
Calendario islámico Hijri
Calendario romano Juliano
Calendario Mesoamérica Maya, Tzolk'in, Haab'
Tiempos de Salida Tránsito Puesta
Signos del Zodiaco
Sistema de Plácido
Ascendente, Descendente
Civil, Náutico, Astronómico Crepúsculo

Tags: skywatch your house from sky, real time skywatch.

Recently changed in this version

Version 1.1.9 (29. September 2014)
- Bugfix: avoid crash when Location Manager disabled
- Library Update (Joda Time & Zmanim Project)

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