Sleepy-time Boyfriend Satoru




    New release for female audience! Popular in Japan!
    Sleepy-time Boyfriend Satoru ver.

    ☆About: Sleepy-time Boyfriend
    A completely new experience with a lovely boyfriend simulation! Perfect relaxation before sleep! Your boyfriend's
    sweet voice is there for you anytime, whispering just the words you need, right next to you ear! You may not even
    want to fall asleep...

    Satoru (Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa, also the voice of Heero Yuy in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing")
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Type: Serious and has a strong sense of justice
    Sample phrases:
    "Hm? It's rare for you to hug me first..."
    "Don't you understand... how much I love you"
    "I just want to keep watching your cute face..."

    It's very easy to use! As you run the application you can set the alarm. After that choose the character you like.
    In "talk-mode" your character talks when you push the "speak" button. For more romantic atmosphere push the "sleepy"
    button to go to "sleepy-mode". Now that you're in between the sheets he will say the sweetest things!
    In this application the recoding was done by a 3D microphone to make your experience as realistic as possible! Please
    enjoy with earphones or headphones. It really feels like he is right next to you!

    The alarm differs from Standard alarm and cannot be used in sleep mode. Because you need to leave the app
    on we recommend using power adapter.

    ☆About "Every weekday sleepy-time CD"-series
    "Every weekday sleepy-time CD" is a boyfriend simulation CD. Voice actors speech is recorded
    with special 3D dummy-head microphone so the experience feels very realistic. The effect is
    best achieved with headphones or earphones.

    Previous releases vol. 01-06 are on sale. 18th Nov-22th Dec. we will release continuously CD a week!
    You can collect all the boyfriends... or try to find the only one for you!

    Enjoy the sweet dreams with your gentle boyfriend.

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