Solar Battery Charger Joke



    Experience the power of the solar energy! Use the Solar Battery Charger to charge your phone when you are on the road away from power outlets.

    Solar Battery Charger uses direct sunlight accumulated on your phones display and converts it into electricity for up to 3.5V!

    To use this application, hold your phone into the sun or another bright light source. If there isn't enough sunlight your will see a low light message on your screen, otherwise your will see currently generated power voltage that is used to charge your phone.

    Bottom line is, if you want to fool your friends and/or co-workers into thinking that you phone can recharge the battery using the sunlight than this application is definitely for you!

    This Solar Battery Charger is for entertainment purposes only (but you don't have to tell this to anyone).

    NOTE: Exposing your phone to direct sunlight may damage it! Please use Solar Battery Charger with care! Do not leave your phone to long on the direct sunlight.

    I hope you will enjoy using this ground-breaking Solar Battery Charger application.

    Take care! :)

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