Solar Charger - Solar Cell



Amaze your friends when you show them that your phone can act as a solar cell that charges your phone battery by just using the sunlight.

Features included:
Detects the amount of light in an area

Vibrates when charging is completed

Nice charging animation

Future updates:

Charge your car battery with your phone.

The creator of this application does not take any responsibility for the damage and injury what the user may cause or suffer in the future, present or past with or without this software.

Note: Of course this application is not charging your phone. You didn't think so, did you?! The only reason for this app is to collect the mentally challenged trolls - who never read the description this far - complaining about every app. Or you can fool your friends with this nice 'charging feature' if you like.

Do not let your device overheat! Be careful when you put your device under the direct sunlight!

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