Songs Player




    Do you like music? Do you always listening music with your android mobile phone or tablet? When you have nothing to do or just what a relax, you can open you phone to enjoy the beautiful music. You may say that "I have a Mp3 or MP4 Player device, and I do not need any apps." But can you take your MP4 or other music devices at hand all the time? The answer is "NO". But you can take mobile phone at hand no matter what you are dong and where you are! So with a music player on phone is really an necessary thing! Songs Player is your best choice, because it has many functions that other player do not have:
    ---It has a high quality in sound and play smoothly without any disturbed!
    ---It can classified all songs into many types and it makes your song list in order!
    ---It can play many songs formats like MP3, Ogg and so on.
    ---You can set the cycle mode as single cycle or order playing!
    Of course, it has many other function just as other player, let's get the function one by one with following words:
    1.Classified the songs into three types: Artist, album and the playing songs.
    2.It will scan and show you a list about all songs or audio file in your mobile phone, press to play them.
    3.You can see the song's name and singer in the top of playing page.
    4.Under the song's name is a volume bar. press or slide the bar can adjust the size of playing volume.
    5.On both sides of volume bar are cycle mode setting button. Press to blue, you can change the songs cycle mode.
    6.You can play or pause or enter next or former song with the buttons on bottom.
    7.Sliding the playing bar, you can make fast forward or rewind.
    8.If you slide the screen, you can also change the songs.

    9.Press the menu button of your mobile phone, you can fresh the page or exit directly!

    Music can cultivates the mind and make you happy!!! Why don't you download a song player on your mobile phone or tablet and enjoy music! Songs Player is your best choice for it has many great functions that common player do not have! Why don't you install and have a try?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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