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    Songs can let people feel exciting and happy. Listening music when you take a bus or walk
    out is a kind of enjoyment. Do you want to listen to songs at anytime and any
    places? It is not worthy of buying a music player to enjoy music, because you
    can use your mobile phone to listen songs. Now I believe that you have a mobile
    phone, what you lack is a good player app. Today, there are so many music
    player apps that you may be hard to decide which you should use. I am honored
    to introduce one player to you.
    Its name
    is Songs Player. This is a player which is specifically designed to be used on
    mobile phones. You can use it to enjoy songs lying in your sofa.
    Want to
    know more about this player?
    1. When
    you open this player, the page before you is the playing page. The playing
    song's name and time are shown. There are three buttons which can control the
    playing song. They are last, play/ pause, next. I believe you know how to use
    2. There
    are three choices in the bottom of the playing page. Clicking the playlist, a
    new page appears. This is the page that all the songs in you mobile phone are
    listed. If you want to enjoy one song, just click it.
    3. If you
    click the albums button, the album page appears. All songs are arranged
    according to their album. You can in this page enjoy one whole album.

    Player is a carefully designed player, which can let you enjoy songs whenever
    and wherever. If you like listening songs, you should download it. I believe
    that it will not let you down.

    In music,
    a song, in fact, is a composition for voice or voices, performed by singing. A
    song can be accompanied by musical instruments, or it might be unaccompanied,
    as in the case of a cappella songs. The lyrics of songs are typically of a
    poetic, rhyming nature, though they may be religious verses.

    A song can
    be for a solo singer, a duet, trio, or larger ensemble involving more voices.
    Songs with more than one voice to a part are thought of choral works. Songs can
    be broadly separated into lots of different forms, depending on the criteria
    used. One division is between "art songs", "pop songs", and
    "folk songs". Other common methods of classification are by purpose,
    by style, or by time of origin.

    people think of that a song is a piece of music for accompanied or
    unaccompanied voice or voices or, "the act or art of singing," but
    the term is usually not used for large vocal forms including opera and
    oratorio. In fact, the term is, "often found in various figurative and transferred
    senses." The noun "song" has the same etymological root as the
    verb "to sing" and the Oxford English Dictionary defines this word to
    mean "that which is sung" or "a musical composition suggestive
    of song." The OED also defines the word to mean "a poem" or
    "the musical phrases uttered by some birds, whales, and insects, typically
    forming a recognizable and repeated sequence and used chiefly for territorial defense or for attracting mates."

    popular songs are generally distributed as recordings and are played on the
    radio, though all other different media that have audio capabilities are
    involved. Their relative popularity is inferred from significant sales of
    recordings, ratings of stations and networks that play them, and ticket sales
    for concerts by the recording artists. A popular song could become a modern
    folk song when members of the public who learn to sing it from the recorded
    version and teach their version to others. Popular songs may be named pop songs
    for short, although pop songs or pop music can instead be considered a more
    commercially popular genre of popular music as a whole.***PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD***
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