Sonmi RSS



Sonmi RSS is an RSS reader with Google Reader integration. This is NOT an official Google product.

It allows you to keep up to date with the latest news in any area you are interested in, be it current affairs, financial news, sports, technology or virtually any other subject.

The Google Reader integration allows you to sign up for RSS feeds from a desktop browser and then read the latest news at your leisure from your mobile device. If you prefer, you can sign up in the device itself and then upload this RSS feed to your Google Reader account - right from the device.

The advanced interface allows you to view the headlines from all your feeds in an easy to use way. Just scroll down or across to view more feeds or view more content from feeds.

There is a favourites feature too, just mark a feed as a favourite and you can filter out your 'go-to' feeds from the ones you rarely read. This is as easy as clicking the 'star' button next to a feed.

Another key feature is the 'inline' view. This allows you to view content from a specific feed in a list format. Simply tap the inline button and your feed is laid out in a convenient, easy to read format. Tap on a news item to view the item in full.

Please send bug reports, feature requests etc. to rather than or as well as leaving comments. This is easier for us to track.