Sound Phone Charger prank



Sound Phone app converts sound energy into battery power by a process called Wavification. The sound emitted is captured by the microphone on your phone and sound filter measures the decibles and accordingly battery gets charged.
Sound Phone converts the decibel into a volt. This unique application is ideal for when you are at work and cannot carry your phone charger with you.

- Shows you the intesity of the sound
- On/Off the charger
- Indicates the battery charge level

Note: Can you charge your battery through sounds?. Sound phone charger does not charge your device actually, it’s fun application and you can fool your friends and show them that you can charge your phone by yelling at your phone. An innovative and productive way to charge your battery. You can charge your phone at any time, does not require anything, only a noisy envrioment.
It's better than the solar charger since it does require only sounds, sound charger is the best way to keep your energy recycled. Charge your phone now... Enjoy with your friends.

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