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Let's be blunt: chances are high you love sour diesel. But there's an off chance you've never heard of this herb. Don't worry bud, let me just call in my good friend Wikipedia for this one:

Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a hybrid strain of cannabis. It is a cross between Mexican sativa and Chemo indica. The strain produces a fast acting, dreamy high that, due to a 90% concentration of sativa, yields excellent cerebral effects. It is best known for its extremely pungent sour scent as well as its uplifting, mood enhancing effects.

Sour Diesel is highly effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and pain, and there is some suggestion that it may be helpful in alleviating the symptoms associated with chronic depression.

This strain is known to contain upwards of 20% of the active ingredient THC,[2] and as of late 2011, it sells for between 10 and 15 dollars a gram at dispensaries near Seattle, WA.

Sour Diesel is a tall, thin green plant. It stretches in the first 3 weeks of flowering. By maturity Sour Diesel could reach 6 feet indoors. Flowering time is approximately ten weeks indoors, while outdoor plants will finish in early October, although grown indoors using a hydroponic growing system is highly recommended. Sour Diesel commonly displays orange hairs, and a strong diesel fuel scent and flavor. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Sour Diesel was awarded the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006.

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