Soutou's Speak



This is the application Chancellor who is well known for "The Eagle Talon Secret Society" talks about instead.

When you select lines from the list, it shows the animation of Chancellor's mouth.

When you shake the machine several times, Yoshida talk once again. When you'd like to talk same lines successively, it is convenient.

And, you can post to Facebook, Twitter.

The Eagle Talon Secret Society:
Eagle Talon The Movie is a ground-breaking film that utilizes mainly flash
animation in Japan. Frogman, the king of tongue-in-cheek humor of late night
Japanese TV, attacks the whole entertainment industry with a nonsense comedy
about a secret society whose silly conspiracy will never become real.

The leader of the pack and also a real idiot! As the founder of Eagle Talon,
he has plans to conquer the world but yearns for world peace at the same time!

Tags: 総統の野望 , 鷹の爪 セリフ

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