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There's no way to view any content

  • Lots of channels
  • You can't actually watch any of them
  • Lots and lots of ads

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"Another app for watching TV on your Android; one that doesn't meet the brief"


If you're looking for an app to view television channels from all over the world, here's one you might be interested in. Only in theory, mind you—in practice we weren't able to view a single feed. There are loads of channels on the screen and in you can, in fact, add additional channels, but the only thing we were able to view was ads, ads, and more ads. Where is the actual content?


It includes lots of channels. You can add channels you like to have them all at hand. Shame that it doesn't work.


There are swathes of video ads that appear whenever you click to view content. Oh, and there's no way to access the content itself.

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by Cecília

Sep 04, 2015

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