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    Specification of Guns

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    Specification of Guns can tell you all specification of guns!
    New version with function buttons added!
    New function can show you a list according to their effective range!

    1. Almost all popular guns are shown in this free application.
    2. It is a Erudite app that can tell you all information.
    3. It is 100% free for all of you!
    4. You can search the guns according to different standard!
    5. There are some buttons with new functions!
    6.Show you both information/words and pictures.

    1. Tell you what type it is and where its origin place is. eg. Asp, pistol, United States.
    2. Tell you the production history and who designed it. eg. AKM, Mlkhall developed, in 1950s
    3. It also offer you the serve history: in which wars and used by whom. Usually it would show you a list of wars.
    4. Specifications information: Weight, length, barrel length, rate of fire and effective range.
    5. After the basic introduction, it will show you a long text that including all information in it. It is just like the introduction in wikipedia! I think, after reading thw words, you can know the gun better!

    WAYS to use this application:
    1. The first time you open the app is a list of classification---Gun types, country, eras and effective range.
    2. Press gun types, you can see nine kind of guns which including pistols, rifles, cannons and lancers.
    3. Click one type, you can see the model contained in this type. Press one model, you can see information about it.
    4. If you choose gun country, you can see many countries in the list, choose one, you can get the detail information about the guns in this country.
    5. If you are a man, you may more interested in guns' power. Effective range will be your best choice.

    Some function buttons in bottom can help you unlock the screen (make the screen not locked when you use the app) or install other free apps with ABOUT button. Any question can tell men with SUPPLY button. Send email are also supported!

    Search the specification of guns. After using this app, you can know guns better. And when you meet some questions about pistols or rifles, you can know the answer easily!
    In daily life, getting the information of guns is really important, they will help you much both in special time and in playing games about guns. Download it now, it will not let you down!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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