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It’s easy to become an expert Sphero driver. Control Sphero with joystick tilt, or old-school remote controls. Create challenging courses, race against friends and family, or turn out the lights and enjoy some night racing. Step on the gas with boosts, beat your buddies racing, and earn yourself bragging rights by gaining achievements.

We made this app available for users that are unable to download or have trouble with performance in the main Sphero app. If you are using and newer device and are looking for the main Sphero experience, check out the "Sphero" app.

This app is the first of our apps to support multiple Spheros. (This is an experimental feature and may not work on all devices.) To connect multiple balls to your device, simply select each once from the connection screen. When you have all your balls connected, press the DONE button and start driving all of them at once. To aim each ball, you can use the regular two finger rotation gesture to aim each ball individually or you can use the group calibrate button and align each ball by hand.

You need to own a Sphero Robotic Ball in order to use this application! Visit gosphero.com to get Sphero, learn more from our tutorial videos, or become part of the Sphero community.

For exclusive content and the latest updates, become a fan of Sphero on Facebook at facebook.com/gosphero and follow us on Twitter at @gosphero

Enjoy your first drive! We’re certain you’ll have a ball.

• 3 different driving modes to keep your skills on point.
• Custom speed settings to allow for optimal control.
• Boost buttons to give Sphero an extra burst of speed.
• Change Sphero to thousands of different colors.
• Simple 2-finger gesture to adjust Sphero’s heading.
• Sphero World Achievement System integration.

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