Spin the Fart Bottle Pro

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    The funniest party drinking game on the market! The famous spin the bottle party game, but a little bit different. This is the prank version with smooth graphics and a fart spinning sound. Play at party with your friends and watch their faces as the bottle spins and farts.
    Play the traditional spin the bottle with player names, the spin the bottle "Truth or Dare" or the alternative version with actions like "kiss", "strip", "drink" etc...

    This is a fun fart prank made for entertainment and will be also a big surprise to your friends.

    Important! Smell generator is not included! Please use your own smell generator for better experience!

    - Traditional drinking game
    - Truth or dare
    - Kiss, Strip, Drink
    - Smooth graphics
    - Fun fart prank
    - Cool smoke effect
    - 2 to 7 players / tasks

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