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    Turn your phone in to the ultimate spy gadget with the Spy Gadgets Premium for Android.It takes all of your phones capabilities and make them into a set of fun and useful spy gadgets that you can use with the touch of a button, as well as giving you the option to make, plan and carry out your own missions before recording them for future reference.

    We have just updated the app with a new UI and lots of new gadgets as well as remaking the old ones! We have now also added a mini games section with more to be added. Most updates will come exclusively to Spy Gadgets Premium including new gadgets and new games.

    What you get with Premium:
    ‣  All gadgets
    ‣  Missions
    ‣ New games
    ‣  All the latest updates
    ‣  New gadgets
    ‣  Bug fixes
    ‣ Lots of exclusive content!

    Do you have a gadget idea? You can easily submit it on our website here:

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