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"Stardate" is a current Gregorian Calender date -to- Star Trek Stardate converter featuring:

Five Stardate conversions:

The Original Series (TOS) Stardates.
The Next Generation (TNG) Stardates.
Contemporary (CON) Stardates.
Star Trek Online (STO) Stardates.
Star Trek Reboot (STR) Stardates.

Full Stardate conversion descriptions.

Share #Stardate hashtag + current Stardate to social media, email, etc... via long-press functionality.

Configurable Widget in 2x1 & 3x2 sizes.

Custom Date to Stardate conversions!
Custom Stardate to Date conversions!

*** Beta Access ***

Stardate Pro users can now gain access to Stardate Pro Beta versions:

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5. Test the new Stardate to Date Conversions! Tablet users can also check out the updated layouts.

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