This Locker is available only after installing Starlauncher. (Starlauncher download Google URL link)

What’s Starlocker?
You can check the weather and time on locked screen directly, select unlock styles for sure, and with frequently changing videos and images of stars, locker is renewed whenever you check your smart phone.

Service features
Various kinds : theme, icon pack, locker ,widget
Launcher feature : features of folder management, screen conversion effect, background image decoration, exclusive theme, and exclusive widget, etc added
Quickly and simply : quick and simple execution based on frequently used feature composition
UI/UX : integration of feature-setting-button to improve the accessibility of users (doughnut-shaped UI applied)
Main features
Easy and convenient UI menu support : Date, time, battery residual, theme name
Home screen effect : Emotional filter effect, screen conversion effect, transparency control on a dock bar hidden behind the bottom of a home screen
Basic color change : Color of widget, menu, guide and icon with point color
Various theme features : provide launcher store to download starlauncher exclusive theme
Launcher store : provide launcher store to change theme, locker, icon pack, and weather widget easily
Import : apply widget screen, performed on other launcher, to starlauncher
Theme : A variety of star-applied themes
Icon pack : Icon pack, available to change icon images variously
Locker : provide background skins of stars and apply lots of background skins (Available only after installing “starlauncher”)
Weather widget : star-telling weather widget (Available only after installing “Star weather”)

If you install starlauncher, a basic theme is installed together.
If you want to install star-applied theme, icon pack, or weather widget, download and install them at a launcher store. .
The launcher store is linked to markets for downloading theme, locker, icon pack, and weather widget.
If you want to set launcher and approach menus of a launcher, “Home screen > Background screen > Touch for 2 seconds” or “Home screen > Touch the icon on the upper right”, then “A doughnut-shaped menu” appears. Starlauncher setting and menu approach are available on doughnut menu.

Optimized for Android version ICS and Jelly Bean.
For additional star theme saving, at least over 10MB capacity is in need.
Starlauncher is available after installing star-related themes additionally.
You can download additional contents at a launcher store.
Badge on missed calls, unread messages is supported only on standard application, and it might not be supported depending on different manufacturer properties.

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