starman demo



Starman is no ordinary man, he can read the future. He is a bit silly, granted. But he CAN read the future!... his brother told me. I'm sure he can read it, or at least guess it, and sometimes get it right.

No, he CAN read the future. Really. That's what I've been told to say and I'm going to stick with it!... unless of course the cheque doesn't clear. But it should. I didn't ask for much, and I don't write often nor well. I'm actually a cat trainer. Not big cats - like lions or tigers - but very young ones. Kittens.

But Starman knew this all along! He KNEW!

The future holds no secrets for Starman...

The FULL version of Starman contains 60 AUDIO EPISODES of the original Starman radio series, packaged within the app. That's over 1 YEAR of HOROSCOPES! This DEMO version contains 5 EPISDOES only.

No internet connection is required to run!

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