Stream Chat Premium (Twitch)



This application is a first version and implementation of native chat for Twitch.TV. It is my attempt at a more featured Twitch experience for mobile. It also includes streams, stream search, and follow channel features.


I recommend to use this app with wi-fi, at times it can be a data consuming animal.

I used a modified version of Sebastian Kaspari open source irc chat client.
Found here:

Under the GNU Open Source License
Found here:

In addition I used a modified version of Chris Bane's PullToRefresh Library
Found Here:
Under the apache License ^

- Partially integrated with Twitch API found at

- Abiding by terms of service found at

Streams do require flash. Flash is buggy, expect random behavior to occur.

I did not obscure or block the stream window in anyway to abide by's terms of service.

** Not affiliated with Twitch.TV in any way , not an official app**

Twitch.TV is awesome and a lot of what I did this app was a learning experience with up and coming apis.


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