Strobe & Party Lights!(NO-ADS)




    Strobe and Party Lights is a great application for any situation: whether you want to be the center of the party, need to flash a message across a crowded room to a friend, or even just want to have an awesome strobelight car rave, this app is for you! Strobe Light offers four different light features:

    1) Color Classic Strobe - This is the classic strobe light with 10 different colors to choose from and includes the ability to change the strobe flashing speed.

    2) Simple Flashlight - If you need to find something in the dark or light up a room, use the flashlight! The screen is set to maximum brightness to allow maximum visibility.

    3) Police Lights - Uh oh! The police are here! But the party isn't over!!! This feature gives the appearence of the arrival of the authorities with alternating red and blue lights. Set it outside a window to fool your friends or keep it inside and set it to the beat of the music!

    4) Text Flasher - Need to get a message to your friend across the room, but the party is too crowded? Well then simply use the text flasher! Type in any message and press play. This feature will flash the words you entered in 10 different colors and give you the option to control the speed!

    Strobe and Party Lights! Great for any situation; party or just having fun!
    *Flashing light tempo is controlled by the user only. The tempo is not matched to music by the application.
    **Application does not utilize the camera flash. This app is built to be used by all devices, some which do not have a built-in camera. But the app is free, so just enjoy!

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