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    Stun Gun Power at your fingertips...

    Finally, you can feel the FULL UNLEASHED STUN GUN POWER of the gods in the palm of your hand...with Stun Gun Unleashed!

    Generate 1 Million Volts* of pure electricity at the touch of a button, shock your friends with the raw energy created with this amazing looking Stun Gun app.

    Featuring the 2 most awesome, powerful Stun Gun found anywhere on Google Play.

    BRUTUS: Unmatched Power.
    If it's brute force power you need, the Brutus is the stun gun for you! This beast will create a virtual lightning storm at your fingertips.

    GOLIATH: Dual Shockpower.
    The name says it all, this giant of a stun gun with it's twin power generators will send shockwaves through your whole body!

    Can you handle... Stun Gun Unleashed.

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