Stupid Valentine's Day



Valentine's Day Love ★ ★ disguised confession! ★ ★

- The general one-time jeoyongryangaepgwaneun level of other GNOME-Valentine's Day is "free" help-

* DR. Of Afro Love Coach!

Dear Beast ~ ~!
Valentine's Day has nothing to do with why I do not think I have myself?!!

Valentine's Day Is not a man indifferent juneunnal doejyanneunya while typing and word chic!

Then the woman. Oh, What was this man? Is.

Two men. It is strange. But, somehow joteuda ~

One says!

✔ usual blunt and fruitful one way to make up excuses to forget?

I am looking chocolate recipes homemade chocolate gift haneungeon'll tell you what.

 ✔ between, chocolate, and trying to get a reluctance?

Purity of GNOME - Valentine's Day if you use the meter,

Me through his name resolution measurements and the purity of chocolate attached katokeuro Send a letter is also available.

It is not yet cautious with him or

First, as much as Valentine's Day approaching, I'd be all right?

He is my karma, but also about ~?

When everyone around was enough to send a message's regular. ^ ^

Well - I did not confess him try his mind about trying a little open?

[Application Summary

- Chocolate Recipe
Making a total of 11 species of easy-to-follow recipes homemade chocolate.

- Chocolate Finally we -
More than 90% Finally we know that it's not a couple of chocolate became sense-ridden girlfriend!

- Gifts BEST 10 -
The men who want to receive a surprise gift to the satisfaction of knowing in advance even bigger, right?
But .. What do a heck stomach?

- Send chocolate -
When measuring the purity of his affection shown to occur at random and attach chocolate,
Flick through the SNS, such as cacao funny valentine mail me.

✔ katokeuro katok profile send images chocolate card that can be set to capture the image size.

Katok as profile picture after change is also useful to spread among us. ^ ^


- One foot: Mamp team.
- Design: Afrodesign team.

All questions and questions related to applications in the design of the Afro-can help.

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