Sweet Scissors




    This pair of sweet scissors is used to unlock your cell phone screen. Use it to ¡°snip off¡± your cell phone screen!

    *The using method
    First, turn on this lock screen application.
    Secondly, drag down the scissors to unlock screen.
    Or, you can drag down the Phone and SMS to unlock to certain programs.

    *Functions of Sweet Scissors
    Unlock screen
    There is a pair of cute scissors in the locked screen, cut along the dotted line to unlock screen.
    The Phone icon and SMS icon here can be dragged down, too. And they are used to unlock screen and open Contacts, SMS box.
    Lock screen size
    Here are 2 kinds of sizes for choose, full screen and status bar expand. As their names, the second mode allows user to pull down the notification bar in the locked screen while the first one does not support this function. Full screen is prettier.
    Fast unlock
    Enable this function, you can unlock screen without this pair of scissors, just long press the Menu button to unlock screen.

    Scissors are hand-operated cutting instruments. They are used for cutting various thin materials, such as paper. Scissors here are used to unlock screen. Have fun with your new scissors!