Make your phone as many many virtual weapons like Sword, Blade, Axe, Flail, Whip, Guns, Hand Grenade, and others!

Excellent weapon sound simulation make you as a warrior, soldier, fighter or Ninja to:
*. Safely fight with your friends
*. Unleash you are in the games of EverQuest, World of Warcraft, D & D(Dungeons & Dragons)

The weapons:
* Medieval weapons - Sword, Long Sword, Chinese Sword, Chinese Da Dao, Japan Wakizashi, Axe, Chain Flail, Whip, Throwing Knife, War Hammer
* Firearm - Pistol M1911, AK-47, HK MP5, Hand Grenade, Shot Gun
* Fist, Slap, Boxing

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Update in 1.3
* Fix crash bugs

Update in 1.2
* Add 2 new weapons: Hand Grenade and Shot Gun

Update in 1.1
1. Improve some sounds and images
2. Add words in Da dao to make it cooler
3. Add 2 weapons: war hammer, H&K MP5

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