SWTOR: FIeld Guide PRO



This application provides important information for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. It is designed for use while playing the game.
It covers:
* Operations - including boss fight tips, tactics, enrage timers and puzzles.
* Flashpoints - including boss fight tips and tactics.
* Companions - their affection and daily missions for each class.
* Datacrons - their locations and stats.
* Characters - And the datacrons they have discovered.
* Server Status - See the status of your server(s)

SWTOR is a large ever changing game. If you find information in this application that is incorrect, please
report it on our forums at Kaptkaos.org and we will correct the information in the next release.

Neither this application nor Kaptkaos.org is affiliated in anyway with either Electronic Arts (EA) or
Bioware. Neither EA not Bioware endorse this application.

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