Sydney Social



The Sydney Social app is a must have guide for locals and visitors to Sydney Australia. This app will inform you about places, venues, businesses and events that are Sydney's hidden treasures as well as the more well known social spaces. Be informed easily by downloading this app now to your smart phone or device on android for the current happenings as we publish regular updates for the Sydney social cultural experience.
Sydney Social is a platform for an up to date Social calendar for locals and visitors to the beautiful and multi-cultural city of Sydney. Explore and enjoy the less known and interesting music venues, art galleries, theatre and places to eat including pubs, cafes and restaurants.
You’ll receive free and discount coupons to various venues as well as receive notifications of one of and regular events. Please let us know if you are looking for something special in a particular genre or culture – simply fill in the form on the contact us page with the information you require!
When you download the Sydney Social app you will see tabs for different areas of interest:- music, art etc then press on the Sydney area you want to explore for example CBD or The Inner West to see what is current. Enjoy!!!