T Taro



Is a tarot card application.

Because there is the thing to get out words not good if you look at the fortune-telling,

I want you go to fun ^ ^;

Horoscope my horoscope other, tarot cards download & Learning

Picture test couple divination, love luck, luck with money, Jikuopuun, themes, house

There are tests that type checking, shoot, features of the widget.

My fortune, love luck, fortune, Jikuopuun selects once

During the day, how the selection Hashido~un content is the same.

Divination other, a couple Taro, the contents will change each time you select.

Picture test of the house, type checking for the interpretation of tarot cards locate data directly

I was referring to this. test shoot would have been created while the developer think

~ Please look Prince app a lot ^ ^ ......

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