Talking Billy Boy



Talking Billy is a fun and interactive character for your devices

Watch his adorable reactions as you tickle him, poke him, give him something to drink and more. You can even have Billy mimic everything you say in his cute, high-pitched voice! And, what's more, you can share Talking Billy with your friends and family over Facebook, Twitter, and email!

1. Touch either corner of his mouth, and he'll curl his lips at you.
2. Dap the center of his mouth and he'll stick out his tongue and lick the screen.
3. Poke him in the eye and he'll cry out "Ouch!"
4. Tap his chin to he'll giggle for you.
5. Double-tap his chin and have him shout out loud.
In addition, you can:
6. Zap billy with an electric shock!
7. Slap Billy!
8. Have Billy break out in laughter!
9. Give Billy a refreshing sip of water!

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-Voice Recording
-Voice Playback
-High Quality Stylized Graphics
-High Quality Audio
-Easy-to-use Interface
-Shareable via Facebook, Twitter, and Email
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Talking Billy is suitable for all ages - kids and adults, friends and co-workers, everyone loves Talking Billy!

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