Talking Charlie Sheen



Talking Charlie Sheen Bobblehead. His mouth moves while he talks! #WINNING

We all want to get high off the Charlie Sheen drug! The Talking Charlie Sheen Bobblehead app helps you do just that. These quotes are constantly updated by experts fuelled by #tigerblood.

Over 75 sounds included:

Bring It
Tiger Blood
Charlie Sheen Drug
Fools and Trolls
Duh, Winning
Deal With It
Tiger Blood & Adonis DNA
You've Been Warned
Buh Bye
Deadly and Dangerous
This is Me Not on Drugs
Pee Test
Delivering the Goods
Deploy My Ordinates
Don't Remember Don't Care
Enjoy the Show
First Ones Free
I Like the View
Losers, Winning
Man it was Epic
Shut Up
Picked Fight With a Warlock
Ugly Wives
We Just Win
We're Talking Bout Practice
We Win So Much It's Scary
Winning, Anyone?
Wow, Winning
1 Speed Go
Addicted to Winning
Banging 7 Gram Rocks
Be Afraid
Bible Grippers
Bitchin' Rockstar Life
Black Bart
Borrow My Brain
Bull S-H-I-T
Can't Cancer of Happen
Charlie Brothers
Cured It With My Brain
Do The Math
Don't Judge Me
Droopy Eyed Armless Children
Drug Tests Don't Lie
Dyings For Fools
Embrace the Fear
I'm an F18 Bro
Gnarly Gnarlington
High On Acid
I Can't Process It
I Don't Have a Job
I Expose People to Magic
I Have Cleansed Myself
I'm Cured I'm Done
I'm Not Going To
In the Orca
Last Time I Took Drugs
Look At Me, Duh
Looking Fear in the Eye
Love You Violently
Magic and Poetry
Not From This Realm
Not Having Fun
Trolls Under Bridge
We're Not Live Are We?
What Does That Mean?
What's Not to Love?
What's That Got to Do With Me?
Work of Sissies

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