Talking Clown



Talking clown is a great entertainer for adults and kids alike. Talking clown loves talking back in his funny voice to whatever you say to him. Talking Joker loves to make fun and laugh out loud whenever you touch the Clown. Talking clown listens to everything you say and talk back in his funny voice. If you shake the phone Clown will dance for you like a joker he is.

1. Talking clown will listen to you whenever you talk.
2. Talking clown will talk back in his funny joker voice to whatever you say.
3. Talking clown will dance for disco music if you shake the phone.
4. The very shy talking clown will starts laughing when you touch. The giggly Joker giggle his way out in difficult times.

Talking clown is a great entertain and easy tool to get kids attention anytime of the day.

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